ChronoBooks performs copies and restores by changing or deleting existing objects, creating missing objects, and deleting or deactivating unnecessary objects. Like the Backup feature, Copy and Restore both work through the QuickBooks Online API.

ChronoBooks compares what is in your QuickBooks Online data against what was in your QuickBooks Online data. It will then recreate what has been deleted, revert what has been changed, and delete what has been added.

When copying or restoring, you'll need to specify a source date and time. If you're doing a restore, data in your company will be rolled back to this time. If you're doing a copy, the "Copy From" company's data as-of this time will be used. This date and time can be anytime since your first backup for that company.

List objects (customers, vendors, etc.) can only be deactivated in QuickBooks Online and cannot be deleted. Therefore, some old objects may remain deactivated in your QuickBooks Online company after a restore or copy, hidden and not affecting your ledger.

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