ChronoBooks restores and copies all objects that it backs up with the exception of the following objects (which do not affect your chart of accounts in QuickBooks Online):

  • Inventory history for inventory items. Inventory adjustments cannot be created or changed via the QuickBooks Online API.
  • Budgets. While budgets will be copied if you're performing a copy, updating Budgets for a restore is not supported by the QuickBooks Online API. Send us a message if you'd like us to recreate a previous version of a backed up budget. You can also use the Local Backup feature to export a CSV file of your budgets.
  • Tax Rates using Expense accounts (non-US only). When copying, tax rates using expense accounts will instead use liability accounts.
  • Migrated QuickBooks Desktop data. If your company was migrated to QuickBooks Online from QuickBooks Desktop, your Online data may have transactions (~0.1%) that cannot be ordinarily created. Send us a message to discuss how to best replicate these.

If you're copying from a non-US QuickBooks Online subscription to a US QuickBooks Online subscription, your existing tax lines will be converted to real transaction lines that use a tax item or the tax account directly.

If you're downgrading to a lesser QuickBooks Online subscription plan during the copy, your data will be converted to work within the new plan's limits:

When downgrading to Essentials or Simple Start (aka EasyStart), 

  • Inventory items will be converted to Non-Inventory items.
  • Budgets, Classes, Departments, and Purchase Orders will not be copied.

When downgrading to Simple Start (aka EasyStart), 

  • Bills will be converted to Purchases. As such, they will not affect your Accounts Payable and are similar to a Bill that is paid on the same day. We recommend that all of your Bills are paid before copying.
  • Bill Payments, Vendor Credits, and Time Activities will not be copied.

A copy cannot be performed if:

  • You're copying a company with multi-currency enabled while downgrading to Simple Start (aka EasyStart).
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