ChronoBooks includes a free 14-day unlimited trial during which you can backup an unlimited number of companies free of charge. Once the trial is complete, you will be charged for the next period according to however many companies are still being backed up in ChronoBooks.

ChronoBooks charges for each QuickBooks Online company that has backup enabled in ChronoBooks. Companies that are connected to ChronoBooks but are not being backed up (these are typically used to copy to) do not affect your ChronoBooks subscription pricing. Please visit here for the most up-to-date pricing information.

While multiple users can access a company, only one user is designated as the billing user. By default, this is the first user to add a company to ChronoBooks. Please contact us if you need to change a company's billing user.

If you add or remove companies during the middle of a billing period, your subscription will be prorated for that company. A charge or credit will be issued. If you disable backup for all of your companies, your subscription will be canceled.

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